GHS Important Dates

Reading is a Blast! Wear black and silver or a shirt with stars Feb. 26

Wild About Books! Wear stripes, spots, or animal print Feb. 27

Score With Books! Wear a shirt to support your favorite team Feb. 28

Reading Knocks Your Socks Off! Wear a pair of crazy socks Feb. 29

Hat Off to Reading! Wear a crazy hat March 1


"Soar to Success at GHS!"

At Grayson Highlands School our mission is to provide a "positive learning environment where everyone will SOAR to success." In order to achieve our mission, GHS faculty, staff and students:

Strive to be responsible Own our attitudes and actions Always behave safely and Respect ourselves and others

Our vision is further supported by a set of educational beliefs that serve as guiding principles for GHS faculty and staff.

Books are Fun Book Blast

On February 26, GHS will launch our Books are Fun Book Blast.  This program helps students build their home libraries while helping the school get additional school supplies.  Ask your child to show you his/her Treasure Map that will explain how you can help our school and your child earn books. 

Attention, adventurers! Our Book Blast event starts next week where we will set off in search of treasure to build our students' home libraries. Follow the steps on the Treasure Map coming home next week to embark on an epic quest to earn exciting prizes and books.  

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